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Looking for an investment to make? Let us help you with what you need to do, to buy safe and smart. The real estate industry is churning out more apartments and flats now than ever. If you're looking for an investment to make quick money by renting or leasing it out, a 1 BHK apartment in Bangalore is the place to invest at. With the increasing number of flats that are on-going, up-coming or even ready-to-move you now have more choices to pick from with demand for leasing or renting flats in Bengaluru, shifting to 1 BHK due to the influx created by the IT industry.

Bengaluru, Start-up capital of India, Garden city (or so it was called), Silicon City. The first two mantles that Bengaluru proudly displays is the reason for growing real estate development across the city and this expansion continues. But now there are more 1 bedroom apartments for sale in the market than the demand. Everyone is opting for rentals or lease. This is the perfect opportunity for any investor. Think about it. You have access to a lot of unsold 1 BHK flats for sale in Bangalore that have been up for grabs for quite some time. You could have a premium 1 bhk property in the middle of the city as they are a good avenue for sure-shot rentals since most students, working professionals and couples find the rent for these, easily affordable for accommodation. Not just that, you also have the added advantage of paying less property tax in such lower configurations of flats in Bengaluru along with bringing down maintenance cost.

Buying a 2-3 BHK for investment is alright when you have that kind of a demand pouring in for rental need. But then again people are looking forward to rent smaller places to have a sense of privacy than sharing a 3 BHK flat with someone. The micro market scene is ever changing with people renting or leasing based on their functionality and convenience rather than making it a status symbol. Take a cue from this and converge both. Invest in properties that not only suffice their practical needs but also is aesthetically appeasing. Win-Win situation. But you're winning more.

Advantages are immense when you consider buying or investing on a 1BHK in Bangalore, with the loan amount and interest charged being a bargain and easy approvals. These small saves help you in making greater savings on top of the advantages you're already reaping. These flats come semi or fully furnished in the penthouse or studio apartment category. What would be better if you're able to invest on multiple of these and are able to put it out for rent at the lowest market price making sure you have a sure-shot and steady income and when you're bored or you want your money back, you get it tenfold (figuratively).

So go ahead, don't think twice. Invest on that 1 BHK flat in Bangalore and get what you've been missing out on. You are bound to reap the benefits.

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