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Sidharth Foundations and Housing Ltd. was incorporated in 1999 as a Developer and provider of homes that cater to families and individuals from all walks of life. We are dedicated to being on top of the real estate market in terms of good service, quality buildings, on time delivery of services and value for money on your investments. We build homes that are not only functional and aesthetic, but stable and secure as well. Our homes are reflective of the needs of our Customers, providing the amenities and facilities that are designed to make city living more bearable and enjoyable. We are able to foresee the needs that typical families and individuals want to be met by their immediate community, and we make sure to incorporate the features to match those needs into our design and architecture. Comfortable living is our trademark quality, and our Customers needs are never taken for granted. We aim to please our Customers, and we see to it that their needs and expectations of city living are not only met, but exceeded. We ensure that our project turnovers are accompanied by clear titles, and our building ethics are geared towards strict adherence to approved plans by DTCP & CMDA. Our completed projects all reflect the high standards that our company is known for, and have successfully provided homes to Chennai’s population. We have chosen prime locations for our apartment and commercial complexes, as we aim to make city living both a comfort and luxury to enjoy. Now on our 15th year in the business, we are continuing our commitment to build quality homes that will meet the demands and requirement of modern city living.

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