Three big trends altering the residential housing sector


The residential housing sector in real estate has been in no doubt getting so much attention these days. People tend to keep a more positive attitude towards owning a new home than the olden days. The residential housing sector has indeed been contributing much lately to the economic side as well. In this post, let’s discuss three big trends that bring a change, positive, in the residential sector. 

The growth phase of the residential sector

Residential projects are plentiful now. In every nook and corner, there would be a project with all luxury and pomp. With the increasing need for housing, luxury has also become imperative. Luxury housing has also become a common term these days. Houses are constructed with amenities that match with international style. With regard to the internal design as well as the outside spacing and designing, technology has paved a great way in the residential housing sector. 

The three loud names 

But the question is what are those loud names that alter the residential housing sector in India? Compared to other countries, what are the current trends that dominate the market? 

Home Automation 

Suppose you are out of your home for a while and you forgot to switch off the ac. You cannot probably go back and switch it off. In general, terms what you do is letting it be, just as you come back. Isn’t it?

Here is where home automation lands in. The fast-paced technology brings an ideal and new solution (mostly familiar to all by now) for this. Home automation allows modern homes to be automated through the Internet of Things (IoT). It also helps in controlling the home devices remotely too as we have priorly discussed. 

Home automation or in other words as it is called, Smart Homes are the trend right now. In the residential housing sector, this is a buzzword. In fact, home automation makes life easier in all ways. Home automation is all about the ability to schedule the functioning of a device, provided that it is connected to the network. 

The most interesting part of home automation when it comes to the residential housing sector is that it manages non-scheduled events too. For example, let us take two choices. One is the working of the ac, light and other devices. More about, the time scheduled events like switching off the light at a particular time or switching on the fan at a specific time. It is more like a routine and can be done using home automation. The other one is about switching on the light when the security alarm turns on at your home. This isn’t a scheduled program, rather an unscheduled one. For this also home automation plays a big role in the residential housing sector.

Theme – Based Projects

Imagine waking up to a place which gives you a fairy tale-like-living, Disneyland at left and garden space at right. The luxuries of Singapore right next to your living space. Wouldn’t that be amazing? This is what theme-based projects are all about. The next big word in the residential housing sector. Okay, let us dig deeper into this topic. 

As modern luxury homes are available in different styles and forms, the relevance of theme-based homes is well understood. From normal park themed homes to the Disney ones and Mediterranean style homes, buyer’s choice varies. The basis of all this is that people are exposed to the alluring beauty and luxury of the outside world and it is no doubt that they want it to be in their hand reach as well. The concept of international style homes comes along with theme-based homes. 

Homebuyers look beyond the amenities like pool and gym. No, they aren’t the highlights anymore. But all they want is a good design, in fact, they fall head over heels into architectural beauty. Indeed all they want is the same. The grandeur Roman architecture, with the palatial patios and enchanting garden, homebuyers are running towards a splendid and incredible lifestyle. You can give it a look here for theme-based homes.

Affordable Luxury Homes

Affordable luxury homes are not that new term but are a trending one for a very long term now. Way little more than the low cost homes, but not ahead of luxury homes in this affordable luxury homes. The standards of these homes are not very less. The idea is such a way that the customer will get all that he requires in his/her home right according to their budget. 

In the residential housing sector, the need for an affordable luxury home is very crucial. It, in fact, is a bridge for the middle-class people to switch from the low-cost home to the luxury ones, the ones with proper features. Staying close to all amenities, marketplace, hospitals, along with enjoying the other features of a ‘home’ is made possible through affordable homes. 2019 has been a year where the government also contributed their part towards affordable housing. Thus, making it available for the common people as well. So, all we can say is that technology along with governmental reforms are bringing a change in the way people live. 


With these trends altering the real estate and especially I must say, the residential housing sector, it is easier now to own dream home of yours. Getting an affordable luxury home or a home with automation technology is not a big dream anymore. In fact, it is a lot easier. These trends will change the lifestyle and here at HousingMan, we offer your dream home.