Flood relief fund in Karnataka for rebuilding homes


Karnataka has been reeling under the monsoon disruptions for the past few weeks. The situation has improved a little with the flood relief offered from various sources in Karnataka. Read more about the Karnataka flood and the government relief fund here. 

Northern Karnataka Flood 2019

One week has passed by since the flood-hit Northern Karnataka has risen back to life. The state, especially the northern areas like Belagavi district, Kodagu, Shivamogga, Hassan, Chikkamagaluru, Udupi, Dakshina, and Uttara Kannada has been Worsley hit this time. With the death tolls being risen day by day and the number of people evacuated being increased, it was one bad dream that took place this year. According to the newspaper reports, around 3.14 Lakhs of people have been evacuated from the low- lying areas. 

Worst nightmare in Karnataka

The continuous rain that lasted for many days brought big havoc this time. Not only this disrupted the normal functioning of the state but also bought losses to the crops, damages to houses, destruction of land, etc. The monsoon war was so high that it almost destroyed 55,000 houses, killed some and left some homeless too. The situation was bad that both the government as well as the non-governmental organizations were giving the flood relief materials and helping the people of Karnataka. Though the situation has calmed down in many areas, some areas are still struggling with the hard-hit monsoon. 

Karnataka flood relief

This year the flood relief in Karnataka, let alone, in other states too was disastrous. The government in Karnataka also took some initiatives to help the people survive this battle. Many relief camps were set up in many districts of the state to settle the evacuated people. This was the worst flood the state has faced in 45 years. So, the flood situation was hard to handle even when the government took so many steps. The relief works are progressing in all 22 afflicted districts, yet in a much slower pace. Karnataka is seeking central help and relief funds for the flood. 

5 Lakh financial assistance

On the very account of this intensive situation that Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa has announced a helping relief fund. It was declared on Monday that all the families who lost their houses will get a sum of Rs 5 Lakh from the Karnataka government. Moreover, the support will also be given to people whose houses were damaged in the floods. As a temporal relief fund, Rs 1 Lakh is promised for re-building the partially destroyed houses. But the flood relief in Karnataka is not stopping here yet but here is more to the list. The cure to the problems also comes in the form of immediate assistance of Rs 10,000 for the suffering families. Moreover, the flood assistance and relief in Karnataka also provide a 5000 sum of money for those who are using rental accommodations for the time being. 

Reports say that around 275 families have lost their houses completely in Karnataka and are homeless now. The losses are not just to the houses but also to the crops as well. Many farmers and the plantation owners have lost many of their harvest and the crops completely. All of the above measures along with some essential aid for these farmers can mitigate the losses at least to a small amount. 


With the initiatives from both government and non-governmental organizations, the effects of the flood are expected to be reduced. Though complete restoration will take some time, gradually and effectively the flood relief methodologies can help Karnataka to rise back up again. Proper support from the government is in fact requisite for the restoration to catch up easily like this promised 5 lakhs to the families. Together, “we shall overcome”. 

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