The importance of proper natural ventilation in your apartment



Cities are flooding with commercial buildings and residential apartments these days. Neither there is sufficient space to move, nor there is proper air passage. It is hard not to say, proper natural ventilation is the crux of a happy city living. For this, builders and developers have to take proper care even from the planning stage, covering the designing phase and the walk-in to home. Let us read about the importance of proper ventilation in a residential project, that too in the urban environment.

Why natural ventilation is important?

How would it matter to use natural ventilation where various mechanical methodologies exist in providing ventilation? Why do we need mechanical ventilation inside a green home? Why natural ventilation is important in an apartment?

1. Fresh air

Of course, proper natural ventilation will allow clear passage of air within the rooms. This ensures that the dampened air is passed and fresh air is supplied. This constant re-supply of fresh air can, in fact, change the indoor environment of an apartment. There are many different ways like cross-ventilation to let the air pass through the rooms.

2. Increase Comfort level

And wouldn’t that important to be comfortable and cozy in one’s own home? Yes, that is yet another feature of having a well-ventilated apartment. Since the room is filled up with clean air, the airborne contaminants are also eliminated. Moreover, sufficient inflow of air cools the room in the best way and this makes indoor ambiance so good. All these add to the increase in the comfort level.

3. Decrease the moisture content

The next advantage of having proper natural ventilation in an apartment is that it reduced the moisture content. The daily chores result in the presence of excess moisture due to bathing, washing, cleaning, etc. Building proper natural ventilation ensures that there is less moisture content. And reducing the moisture content ensure that there is no stinking odor indoors. Thus, leading to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Why you should live in a home with proper ventilation?

Living in an apartment with proper ventilation will surely aid in the mental as well as physical health of the residents. Now, let us check a few more reasons, this time particularly about having a well-ventilated home.

1. Natural ventilation

As we have already discussed, natural ventilation is essential for an apartment. While buying a new home, a three-sided apartment is always preferable. This brings in the proper air passage and thus proper ventilation. In cities, the construction involves a common wall, which will prevent the proper flow of air. Moreover, this also makes the indoors darker and less attractive. Therefore, choosing a home with at least three side open is requisite for a healthy life.

2. Wind Lanes

What are these wind lanes?

The area between the walls of your apartment and that of your neighbor is termed as wind lanes. The need for wind lanes will now be probably understood. Just as you need space within your apartment to move around, air passage space is needed. Wind lanes are found in three-sided open apartments, which let in the fresh rays of light to come in. This eliminates the suffocation within the apartments and provides a refreshed effect within. Proper natural ventilation can do much more than what you can imagine, after all.

3. Stack effect

Stack effect or chimney effect is the movement of air in and out of the buildings, in order to maintain the air density inside. The air passage is evenly spread across the interiors of the apartment due to this stack effect. In order to support this, choosing an apartment with proper natural ventilation can definitely help. After all, who needn’t want a healthy and lighted up home?

4. Urban environment

Yet another factor that stresses the importance of ventilation is the urban living community. Since urban life takes the true life out with the busy streets, never-ending construction works, buildings, etc, isn’t it always good to live peacefully. Finding an apartment with proper natural ventilation can help in passing by urban life in a better way for sure. 

5. Mental health

Mental health matters too. In fact, this was the crux of the whole read. The true happiness is revealed in having an apartment with proper ventilation, air pass and proper light in fact. This not helps in maintaining the mental balance, but also the physical health, and happy life.

The right strategy of ventilation

There is a way to bring proper light into the rooms of the apartment provided that it has to be checked during the design phase only.  What has to be considered is the ideal place where the wind comes in, and to locate it. This can be done during the designing process. There are two types of natural ventilation.

  • Single-sided

In this type of ventilation, the inlet, as well as the outlet of the air passage will be on the same side.  This type of ventilation works depending on the wind pressure as well as the difference in the temperature. Also, this is more useful when the height of the room is 2.5 times more than the room depth.

  • Cross-ventilation

Cross-ventilation is considered as the perfect natural ventilation. Since it allows more fresh air to come into the rooms, it is usually appreciated by the builders and loved by the buyers. This system works with the inlet and outlet usually facing opposite to each other. Thus, this is how the whole system works. Through the inlet, the fresh air is passed into the room and simultaneously, the hot air from the room is packed off from the room. In this way, the room will get filled with the fresh air always, bringing in proper natural ventilation.


In this post, we have already discussed about the need for proper natural ventilation and two types of ventilation. You can also check about the importance of a clubhouse in a residential project here. Getting a home with proper ventilation can be a great deal in this urban environment. Developers have taken this into account and have come up with many projects that have three-side open feature, cross-ventilation, good windows, etc. Hope all of these would contribute to happy and healthy living.