Design your home perfect for your kids


Because child-centric homes are the trend!

A space of their own will let the kids bring out the best in them, imagine, create and do more. Home design for kids is gaining popularity and let us take a sneak peek on the growing trend of kid-friendly homes. 

The perfect home design

We often confuse the term ‘perfect home design’ with so many things. But, perfect home design is one that suits all aged residents – the young, the family types, the kids and everyone. And that too to design a home for kids is a completely different thing which most of us still wonder how to.

The child-centric home concept

Wouldn’t it be amazing to see that your kids engage in some indoor activities other than just surfing through the net and video games? 

The busy city life makes it difficult for working parents to switch between the workplace and the home. This is where the modern concept of child-centric homes comes in. In a more effective way, a home exclusively designed for the kids. A child-centric home is one has some unique features that let the kids develop the necessary ingredients for living. And, it isn’t a luxury, but what every parent in an urban space would want. 

A home design exclusively for the kids would definitely help in relieving the stress of the young working-class people. The idea is to focus on the parameters such as providing a perfect developing ambiance, preferred with safety and a nurturing spot for the inborn talents.

The 4 key points in home design for kids

Let us look into the key points of child-friendly home design.

1. Child development

Child development is a key aspect of having an exclusive child-centric home. The kid-friendly homes must have places wherein children can develop their in-born talent. This must include the library spaces to the recreational spaces, where the kids can develop both mentally and physically. 

2. Child safety

Next important feature that a child-friendly home must-have is the proper safety features. The safety measures include the secured entry to the flat, proper security outside the apartment, having anti-skid tiles, grilled doors, fire safety, etc. Proper security measures are taken in the house designed for the kids so that parents can be relaxed and free to a little limit.  

3. The convenience factor

The convenience factor is yet another feature. While looking for a home to buy, parents usually look for convenience, ease of getting things done. For example, let us say, if the particular project is having a school inside the premises, it definitely is an added advantage. A music center, a kid’s play area, outdoor courts, art tuitions – so that the run between different places and things can be ruled out. A much-needed thing in an urban lifestyle, isn’t it?

4. The fun element

Now, the perspective changes here. The focus is on the kids. What would be the features that the kids would require within their own homes? Especially, when it is called as a home design exclusively for the kids – a child-friendly or child-centric one?

Fun is the right kind of answer here I guess. Childhood is meant for fun and games.  Kids definitely aren’t born for serious things. They want lighter moments to engage in activities that would enrich their talents yet make them joyful. Child-centric homes are those which has enough space for all the recreation activities for the kids. 

The right marketing ploy too

Real estate companies are focusing on the child-centric home concept, especially as we have seen, in the urban spaces as a perfect marketing ploy. Since the concept has gained approvals from all young parents in the urban space and the factor that they are willing to pay for this luxury, makes it quite easier as well. While designing their projects, the child-friendly design is often considered. Not often, we can say, but always. The home designs which are mostly for the kids comes with absolute amenities that every parent would want in their home. 

The perfect niche for families to settle

With more features engraved, more families are ready to settle in this kid-friendly niche. Mostly, these designs cover up the areas like kids daycare to schools and tuition centers within the residential project. Thus, as the marketers present it, is a one-stop solution for the parents for all the child needs. 

Easy steps of home design for kids

Now, let us check a few points which show us that home design for kids can be easily done.

1. Merry indoors:

Creating a warm and beautiful indoor is essential to the home design for the kids. A child-friendly home should be as beautiful as it can get with art, craft, and designs that children would love. Flaunting with colors, especially bright colors can do a lot to the mindset of the kids as well.

2. Kid’s corner:

Kid’s corner is the exclusive space, designed only for the kids. Adults, – please keep away. If one wants to keep the rest of the house in order, indeed this is the best way to begin. Having given an exclusive space for the kids, the home is secured from messy interiors. And the next is a space within the kid’s corner, the storage. 

3. Right storage sources:

Kid’s corner often comes with dark wooden colored storage spaces which are designed only for the kids. In kid-friendly home design, the storage space should be large for them. Large and creative spaces created in the right places can in fact help in keeping the home neat and clean.

4. Reading spaces:

It is equally important to cultivate other habits too within children, as in reading and thinking. This is also provided by a kid’s friendly design of a home for it has reading spaces, exclusive ones. A space for giving a mental exercise for the kids and let grow their imagination is important. The cushion and pillow space at reading nook can definitely provide this and is a unique feature of home design for kids.

5. Nature’s warmth:

Bringing the kids close to nature is essential for their mental and peaceful growth. The child-centric design focuses on this as well. 

6. Outdoor game zones:

Outdoor game zones play an important role in the physical growth of the kids. They can engage in activities rather than snuggling below the covers and get lazy. 

7. Rounded furniture:

It is important to bring in rounded furniture to your living space. Kids love to bump into the cushions and sofas, and it is our need to make sure they are not harmed with that. So, avoiding furniture with a sharp end, and using rounded ones instead will do for a safe environment inside. 

8. No carpets, but carpet tiles:

Carpets will be easily spoiled by the kids, but not the carpet tiles. So, in a child-friendly home carpet tiles can be used since it is quite easy for cleaning as well. 

9. Semi-gloss paint:

Bright colors attract the kids, so does the walls and cupboard spaces. Using a semi-gloss paint is much safer for kid’s wall as it can easily be washed off.

10. Security systems:

Of course, a child-centric home should definitely possess all security systems in a proper way. The safety of the child comes first and so it is the very first, (though lastly stated) thing in a kid-friendly home.

To sum up

As we conclude the post here, let us ensure that the homes which we are going to buy are all kid-friendly. Checking the home design, whether it is apt for the kids and if not, designing it the perfect way is needed, especially when it comes to city life. Why because child-centric homes are the trend right now! You can also read about the new buzzword – the integrated township in the real estate world