10 money saving tips for your new home from HousingMan

HousingMan presents simple yet effective ideas to save money to buy your dream home.
HousingMan presents simple yet effective ideas to save money to buy your dream home.

Here are HousingMan‘s 10 simple yet effective tips to buy your dream home. What more ? Save money and get exciting deals and offers on properties across Indian cities only on www.housingman.com

Everybody has a lot of sentiments and memories attached to their home, be it a significant event, welcoming a new member in the family, childhood memories spent or just the whole vibe, feel and atmosphere of the area/locality/place you are brought up in. Everyone aspires and dreams to possess a dream home, a place which they can call their own.

We wish our generations and children stay attached to the place we once called our own. How do you fulfill your dreams and wishes in such crunching times? How do you actually convert your house into a dream home you have always dreamt of in times of such adversities and scaling costs?

We at www.housingman.com provide you simple yet effective solutions to help you save money; so you can buy that house you always had your eyes on.

Money saving tips form HousingMan
Money saving tips form HousingMan

TIP 1.

Research and Negotiate the best price.

Based on your family requirements and discussions it is important to research on the kind of house you are looking to buy. Compare the different areas, the builders and verify with the already present owners of the apartments, if planning to buy within the same apartments or within the locality. Negotiate with the builder or broker and come to a good conclusion which satisfies your budget to purchase the house.

TIP 2.

Right home loan at a good rate along with best deals on other things.

Enquire at different banks to find the best loan deals. If you know of any who could get you great deals on electronics, home décor or other significant requirements, ask for their help and get major savings through them. Another great option is to make the best use of sales, coupons and codes, vouchers, rewards as well as cash back as much as possible. Shop around, do your research and get as much of a deal as you can.

TIP 3.

Take advantage of tax benefits and other incentives.

Research well to check all kinds of government based tax rebates and benefits you may be eligible while investing in your new home – you may save even more money than you expected.

TIP 4.

Create a monthly budget.

Savings are crucial and an important part of financial goals. It is important to create a family budget, be it weekly or monthly in the utmost realistic sense and then stick with your fixed plan. Remember, a penny saved is a penny earned.

TIP 5.

Work more and save less for retirement.

Spending less-Yes, but working more and bringing home more money for your dream house is also a great way to supercharge your savings. Like an additional source of income. Be it overtime, freelance work, projects or a second additional work, take every opportunity that comes your way. Saving less for your retirement and more for your down payment simply means you are saving for the future in a different way because a house is also an asset.

TIP 6.

Install Solar Energy and choose energy efficient appliances.

Using solar energy reduces considerable electricity cost and is also easy to install and use. Even if you have to pay a little more up front, investing in energy efficient appliances will lead to long-term reliability and savings.

TIP 7.

Save highly on water and electricity.

Simple adjustments can lead to big differences. Like switching off all your appliances when not in use, when you are not in the house or in a particular room during that time, using LED or CFL bulbs, taking care of all leakages, pipes and faucets so that no water is wasted. These simple things show up as big savings on monthly bills.

TIP 8.

Stop overbuying and investing in anything and everything.

It’s easy to put everything in your cart and get things home, but to give it a second thought, how much will you be actually making use of all these stuff? Always research, plan, decide and buy only things actually useful for your requisite.

TIP 9.

De-clutter to trim and win!

Let go off unnecessary things which you no longer use, through a garage sale, on one of the online sites or even on facebook groups and communities. It’s a great way to earn some extra cash along with getting rid of unused and unrequited stuff from your house.

TIP 10.

A few quick adjustments to your lifestyle.

• Reduce your travel expenses – Use public transportation or car pool as and when possible and ditch your car. This will be good on savings as well as lead to pollution control.

• Break too many addictions – A better option health wise as well as budget wise is to break cigarettes and drinking addiction. Think of saving money from these sources.

• Home-made options – Try stirring up meals at home, rather than opting for outside food. A great option for a good diet as well as considerable savings.

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