Apartments: Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Should I buy an apartment?

This question boggles more minds in India than Mr. Arnab in The Newshour. But the question still remains when it comes to apartments. “Should I or shouldn’t I?”.

While buying an apartment many factors like space constraint, security, sense of community and others come into account. Even if a million of his fellow citizens are homeless most home buyers won’t bat an eyelid before taking the last piece of land in India. The average home buyer cannot care any less about space constraint. Let’s consider other factors.

The apartment dwelling individuals enjoy a Plethora of benefits and drawbacks.


A few benefits:

  • You get 24/7 all-round security, depending on which area and which developer you buy the apartment from. You should choose CREDAI builders because nobody wants legal problems. All your legal credentials are taken care of and you can sign those documents tension-free when buying from a CREDAI builder.
  • Amenities such as gym, playground, clubhouse, rainwater harvesting etc. come as huge benefits with owning apartments. Most developers now feature this amenity where all gas cylinders of the society are within a gas bank. These gas banks ensure zero-fatality due to gas leakages as it is housed outside main blocks and can be individually disconnected at the time of a fault. 
    • Maintenance: The builder’s appointed facility management team take care of the premises’ landscaping & overall cleanliness. So all you guys out there don’t have to take out the trash, or water/trim plants. All you have to worry about is your personal space. You can choose to continue with the same vendors after possession, .
    • Cheaper: Owning an apartment is cheaper than building your own house or buying a villa of proportionate amenities for all obvious reasons. Overall maintenance is also brought down since the complete society has to bear the payments, therefore dividing the burden.


    A few Drawbacks would be:

      • Limited Privacy: Most apartments are built in a way that the flats are conjoined and you can probably hear your “next door aunty” shouting at her young ones, which is something you don’t want to listen to at any point of the day. If you’ve seen enough of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. you’ll know this is true.
      • Chances of a disease: Most kids in a society go out to play. Now you don’t know where those tiny hands have been to and you think “Aw! They’re cute, what could possibly go wrong?” BAM! Jaundice! Or WHAM! Zombie Infestation!
      • Limited Space: You will always think about there being limited space no matter how much you spend. So, no buying that sofa you so badly wanted. Dang! Space constraint not being a factor was discussed before. But, here we talk about the actual living space you acquire and not the land procured. So, apartments have “limited space” as their drawback.
      • Limited personalization: This is due to obvious reasons. You cannot customize your home because of structural constraints.

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