Buying a Home got simpler; Courtesy- HousingMan


We all have that dream home that we want to own. The space that you will one day share with your loved ones and everything about it is perfect in your head! From the first brick to the last tile, you have planned it all!

Then comes a time when your dream is finally becoming a reality and you start your research. Online first—reviews of properties, the builder, the area you are looking to make the purchase in, the multiple classifieds and listings that give you absolutely no clarity on discounts or deals, etc. Also, you have no direct contact with the builder everything is through a middleman. You sift through multiple websites and portals that give you a million options and opinions. But, there are those nagging questions in your head… Is this information accurate? Am I being taken for ride? How do I choose?

More often than not, buying your dream home is an emotional decision and sometimes you end up falling for the myriad of things you read online. How we wish that the home-purchasing process was a lot simpler! It would be just perfect if we could find all the information, deals, etc. on different projects that fit into the budget range of our preference in one place.

Now you have that option! With you can bid adieu to cluttered classifieds and ambiguous information. With our interactive interface, we provide detailed guidance in every step you take—from providing a wide variety of options in your preferred budget to ensuring that you get amazing discounts, we are your one stop shop!

Based on your choices, we study your needs further to bring you the best options and deals. We do the research for you:
We hand pick properties, so that you have the best preferences to pick from.
We work with builders certified by CREDAI
We provide you an extremely user-friendly interface, which provides you information at the click of a button.
We get you great discounts that you would not find anywhere else.

Are you wondering how we manage to get you these incredible deals and discounts that you cannot otherwise find anywhere else? Well, here is how we work. The builders allocate 2%+ of their expenditure on marketing. Instead of spending on marketing, we get the builders to register with us and provide them with a loyal client base; in exchange they allow us to bring you amazing discounts. It’s a win-win for everyone!

In case you’ve booked a property and then changed your mind, fret not! We will refund your deposit without delay. Also, you don’t have to converse with a faceless entity anymore. You can talk to us about your concerns and we will do everything to get you what you want!

We understand that buying a home is probably the largest financial and emotionally invested transaction you will make in your lifetime and we ensure that you are armed with the right information to make the right purchase decision.

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