9 Factors to Check While Choosing the Right Floor for Your Flat

9 Factors to Check While Choosing the Right Floor for Your Flat

Before you start reading, open up your eyes and have a look outside. On which floor you are right now working or reading this post? We can undoubtedly say that in Bangalore apartments are growing vertically. So, choosing the right floor in an apartment is much important in many ways.

If you are someone who stays with family or if you are a bachelor, choosing the right floor will be different in both cases. It is observed that often young people go for the higher floors of the flats and the older people for the lower floors.

What are the few factors to be cross-checked before choosing the right floor for your apartment?

Let’s have a look at the checklist for choosing the right floor.


Let’s take the example of a newlywed couple. What would be the floor which they will be choosing?

The answer is quite obvious –  higher floors.

Most of the high-rise apartments are located in areas which offer scenic views all around. Even if not, at least it lets you stand outside in a peaceful environment, unwinding after the tired day. The higher you go up, the higher you escape from the rush of the city.


If you are someone who buys a high-rise apartment for rental returns. Then, choosing the right floor will be a crucial factor in the business. Lower floors will be more appropriate as Indian people have a tendency to stay closer to the ground. And when people come over to check on the apartment, lower floors will be more acceptable for them.

However, this might vary according to the cities or according to the climate. For areas where the climate is so hot, people usually prefer the lower floors. In areas where the temperature is apt for a comfortable life, people normally go for higher floors.


For solitude lovers, lower floors are never a good option. You will have intrusions from all over when you choose to live on lower floors, especially the ground floor. Moreover, in cities like Bangalore, where the places are all congested, it will take away your privacy. That is why people who love solitude and who want to reside in peace normally prefer the higher floors.


Is tranquillity is all you need? No doubt, lower floors are not your cup of tea. You need a place where the city’s noise will not reach you. For this, there is no better option as such choosing the higher floors, which are much away from the sounds coming from the clubs and the common passages. Also, the higher floors will not be affected by the sounds coming from the neighbourhood or the noises from the roads.


When it comes to energy consumption, lower floors are the better ones. As you go up, energy consumption will be more on higher floors. This is due to the use of air conditioners over the long season of summer, the use of motors for water pumping and so on.


You must be wondering why the security issue is even mentioned here. After how secure our home is all about the security measures taken, right?

Although security is more about the precautions which are taken, higher floors will be less prone to security issues. As it is comparatively difficult to break into the higher floors, you will definitely be a little safer than you are down.


If you are someone always caught up in the hurry-burry of life, then choosing the right floor will save much of your time. Suppose you are running to get your cab, at lower floors you don’t always have to wait in queue for the elevators.


When you live with your grandparents or kids or even someone with mobility impairment, choosing the right floor is equally important for you as well as your kin. And you should preferably opt for the lower levels. As it is not only insecure but also quite time taking process otherwise. For old aged people, living on the ground floor will be most comfortable, if possible.


Finally light and ventilation. This is indeed one big factor that many homebuyers would look for. As the number of floors increases, so is the light and the ventilation. As you go up the higher floors, there won’t be any constraints around the building and it will be better lighted than the ground floors.


If the option was mine to choose, I would have definitely gone for the higher floors in the high-rise apartments because I would prefer a little more peace over comfort. However, this might vary according to the taste and the need of the homebuyers. Remember, the final call is always yours while choosing the right floor. But, don’t forget to check this list.!