Tips to Rain-Proof Your Home this Monsoon

Tips to Rainproof Your Home this Monsoon
Tips to Rainproof Your Home this Monsoon

That much awaited time of the year has come and all eyes are looking up to the sky in search of those clouds that would wash away heat prevalent around. Yes, it is the rainy season here and the shops are studded with raincoats, caps, rain boots, umbrellas and what not! Once you are done shopping for the rain essentials you would need to stay dry while travelling. Do take time off the schedule to give your house an eyeful glance; it does require rain-proofing too. You may require to leak proof your home and let it stand tall and proud amongst soul-drenching rains that are forecast to happen more than the last year this season. It is important to rain-proof your home to safeguard and protect it during torrential rains.

So, here are some of the best ways to rain proof home so that it continues to deliver the sheltering solution as it is expected to do.

  1. Making windows and doors rain-proof: The most common problem one witnesses during the rainy season is that of furniture soaking the atmospheric moisture. This makes them a bit swollen unfit to get into the space completely. Thus, rains may pour into the interiors of the house. To avoid this situation, it is better to bind the door and window material with moisture-proof solutions. This is one of the most important tips to rainproof home this season, that actually goes ignored too usually. Also, it is advisable to touch up the screws of the bolts and latches of these entries to the home for better locking.
  2. Repairing drain pipes and gutters of the house: If any of the jobs such as clogging of drain pipe or gutter is left unattended, it is going to make your house a swimming pool due to the backflow. Repairing the drain pipes and gutters is essential as these are supposed to handle more input of water than usual during the heavy downpour. Drainpipe repairing makes an important terrace waterproofing solution that needs to be done with perfection; else there can be seepage and leakages on ceilings too. If required, hire a professional to make your terrace water-proof as DIY methods may not have that impact as required for ensuring better protection.
  3. Waterproofing the terrace: Mostly, this action is taken at the time of constructing the flat or house. The top floor flat faces the problem of water leaking from ceiling if the terrace is not water-proof. The most commonly used terrace waterproofing solution is to make a mixture consisting of cement and fine grain river sand in the ratio of 1:2 with thin slurry and sufficient amount of water. The slurry is pressed into the concrete to plug even the microscopic pores, and the flow of water is improved while putting the mixture on the marked areas. Also, some water-proof admixtures are added to slurry to provide extra protection to the terrace against loads of water falling on to it. Hence, when you think to leak proof your home, pay attention to all the loopholes of the terrace and arches and plug them before they become a menace.
  4. Cutting the dead tree branches hovering over the tree: When rain shows its true color, it can create more havoc when accompanied by fast wind. Dead branches can fall on the house causing some irreparable damage or may hurt the inhabitants too accidentally. Thus, it is one of the most ignored but necessary tips to rainproof home this monsoon.
  5. Deck up the electric wirings: Rain is the season when the instances of short-circuit and other electricity mishaps are on an all-time high. So, take care of all the naked wirings and water leakages in electricity boxes to avoid getting electrocuted. Also, make sure that the wall on which the electricity box is hung is free of seepage or any kind of leakage to ensure better home safety during the monsoons season.

    Tips to Rain-proof Your Home this Monsoon
    Tips to Rain-proof Your Home this Monsoon
  6. Taking care of furniture: Home furniture may absorb moisture and lose its shine during the rainy season due to excess humidity. Also, cracks may occur in them due to the pressure of moisture. Therefore, bind the furniture with moisture-proof sealants and get them painted to achieve one of the best ways to rain proof home, including the contents.
  7. Taking care of carpets: Though the carpets are one of the finest additions to a house, these may lose their crispness during the rainy season. These may also become the ground for the development of mold and other allergens if they absorb moisture. Thus, it is necessary to roll them up and save them for future use by wrapping them in a water-proof, plastic cover. It will help retain its newness long after the rainy season is over.
  8. Covering the contents of balcony in plastic: Due to lack of space, balconies offer extra storage solution in a small-sized flat. Covering the balconies with plastic sheets, and also packing the valuable things in water-proof and rain-proof covers helps the home owners make the house rain-safe in all aspects.
  9. Making arrangements at the entrance of the house: The entrance is the most vulnerable portion of the house that needs ample proofing against the rain. Inhabitants cannot stay locked inside the rooms; they need to go out to carry out daily chores. Thus, keeping heavy-duty dirt and water absorbing doormats can help keep the house rain-proof as well as clean. Also, there should be an umbrella and raincoat catcher kept right at the entrance for maintaining hygiene at home during the rainy season.

Follow these tips to rain-proof home this monsoon to ensure that your lovely abode continues to be your comfort zone even when the weathers are rough. Your home does require your attention exactly the way your clothes and other accessories require to tackle the rainy season. Ceiling, walls, balconies etc can be treated in advance to leak proof your home in the best way possible. Be ready to welcome the Monsoon with all your heart. Gear up to stay one step ahead of all the challenges that pour around us along with the rain.