5 Most Elegant And Modern House Designs

modern house designs

Can you differentiate between building and architecture, between house designs and modern house designs?

Arne Jacobsen, the Danish architect and designer once said: “If a building becomes architecture, then it is art “. Probably this can be taken as an ultimate tagline for modern house designs.” In every nook and corner, as we pay attention to, we can see marvelous designs, standing tall and unique. Similarly, in our previous blog post, we have discussed creating an admirable balcony for your new home.

Also, just as you go a step back, you can see amazing kitchen ideas too.

And now, we are going to cast a glance across some of the interesting modern architectures or modern house designs.

Interesting Factors in House Designs

Before we look into the art of designs, let us read-through some interesting factors that make the modern house designs stunning.

Right Location

After all, location matters a lot when it is about having a modern house design. Some of the artful designs that we are going to discuss in this post are located at some desirable destinations to live. No matter where you are, when you come back home, a home close to nature is always an attraction. When we check out some of the modern architecture, we can see modern house designs located on rocky beaches or on cliffs or on nature’s arms.

House Size

The perception is that a big house is only a good house. We cannot be that judgemental in choosing a home, as some interesting modern house designs revolve around small sized attractive homes. It is no wonder that many modern homes are small yet creative in design and form.

The Architecture and the ‘WOW’ Factor!

In spite of the size of the home, the architecture is what creates the ‘wow’ factor. We are all pretty much known to the saying ‘the first impression is the best impression’ and that applies here too. But, the ‘wow’ factor of architecture is the one you get the first time you see the design, namely the beautiful landscapes, the arch avenue or a water fountain, depending on personal taste and the architect’s art.

Meet the Modern House Designs

1. Cabin GJ-9, Norway

Cabin GJ-9, Norway

This cozy home in freezing Norway is one among the modern house designs which call for a happy living all surrounded by nature. This is the perfect example for the best location as Cabin GJ-9 is located in a rocky serene area where the mornings begin with lake view over a cup of coffee. The small yet elegant design has sliding doors, fireplace in the living room and so much more. Also, the intricate design brings in enough light throughout the day from floor to ceiling and add in a bit of nature too inside the building.

2. Torquay House, Australia

Torquay House ,Australia

Torquay House is yet another stunning one among the modern house designs located in the coastal area of Victoria, Australia. With the focus on creating robust homes, the architects behind this crafted a beach home with timber and concrete alone. The interesting factor is that all the windows of this design are concealed behind louvered shelters to ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Although the architecture looks like containers from outside, the rooms lead to a backyard that has magnificent swimming pools.  Also, the design of the Torquay house involves three blocks which are interconnected. The first two are two-storeyed made of concrete and is windowless. But the construction of the third one is a single-storeyed with timber alone.

3. Casa Kolonihagen, Stavanger, Norway

Casa Kolonihagen, Stavanger ,Norway

Are 24 square meters, enough for a holiday home?

Meet, Casa Kolonihagen one among the flawless modern house designs, located in Stavanger, Norway. A perfect  ‘all Norwegian’ way of life. The highlight of this design is the 24 square meters of livable space in which it is constructed. Yes, just 24 sq meters and isn’t it so interesting to know? But the intricate design caricatures a marvelous deck which lead to the living room which is painted in white, with blue interior decors, as in chairs and cushions. The interior home design stands hand in hand with the surroundings as the floor-to-ceiling glass windows add elegance to it. The use of wooden architecture outside the house is way too attractive for a lovely holiday home.

4. The Edgeland Residence, Austin, US

The Edgeland Residence, Austin ,US

The Edgeland Residence is a voyage to the old age architectural types in North America, typically used by the natives, the pit house. The entire design is a thoughtful caricature of art along with nature’s abundance in every tiny part of it. Moreover, this wonderful design is located on Autin’s Colorado River. The stunning architecture involves a green roof which uses SkySystem which is used to survive the hot weather too. Apart from this, the building also maintains thermal comfort at all times of the year with the earth’s mass.

5. The Paraty House, Brazil

The Paraty House, Brazil

Modern house designs are of all the wonder and The Paraty House is all about two concrete boxes kept on top of one another. These two beautifully reinforced concrete boxes are located on the islands of the colonial city of Paraty and Angra dos Reis. Made with concrete and stone, the design brings in an open to nature and is located on the mountainside. The residents can arrive by boat and then move into the metallic bridge to reach the living room.


Architectures look attractive provided that it features good amenities and facilities, both inside and outside the apartments. Let us have a look at more of these modern house designs in the upcoming posts.