10 Simple Ways To Maximize The Kitchen Space In Your Home

maximize the kitchen space

Kitchen is rather an imperative part of a house. The delicious delicacies from the home kitchen, in fact, make a house, a home. But, many times what the urban lifestyle and architecture meet is the small sized kitchen, hardly any space to move around. The key to this problem lies in the clever space planning and storage ideas that maximize kitchen space.

Tips to Maximize Kitchen Space

Now, let us look into certain useful tips to maximize kitchen space and make it more functional and usable.

1. Go Layered above the Cabinets

Kitchens without a proper cabinet would look so plain. But most of the time, the cabinet will not be reaching the ceiling. I mean, the cabinet would not be all the way long till the ceiling area. Thus you can utilize this area to maximize kitchen space. Try adding a layer above the cabinet, so that you can keep the not-so-important things there. It might be slightly difficult to reach there all the time. So, only keep those things which aren’t required on a daily basis.

2. Forget not, there are Open Wall Spaces

‘An idle mind is the devil’s workshop’. Similarly, an idle space in the kitchen is the woman’s scrap yard. Therefore, it is crucial to make effective use of open wall spaces. To maximize kitchen space, pegboards are pretty awesome and no one can deny it. If there is an open space in the wall, add a pegboard, which can easily fit in where a cabinet or shelf cant and also is less costly. You can go for hanging baskets and the vessels from the lid racks on top of pegboard.

3. Use Tension Rods to Hang Things

Tension rods are indeed the best companions in the kitchen. To maximize kitchen space, these are really helpful. This tension rods can be used to hang the cleaning towels or the essentials, else it can be used to vertically hang any other utensils. Moreover, the neat arrangement of elements in the rod, it gives an appealing look to the kitchen as well.

4. Magnetic Knife Strips

Magnetic knife strips can not only be used to neatly arrange the knives but also used for storing the pot lids or even the other tools which are used in the kitchen. These strips can be attached to any free space, thus creating more storage space in the kitchen.

5. Do More to the Kitchen Cabinet

Normally the kitchen cabinets will be horizontally arranged and there will be less vertical space. In order to increase the vertical space and maximize kitchen space, go for adding shelf layers within the cabinet. To be more precise, it is more like a cabinet inside a cabinet within the kitchen. No worries, you can keep the essential kitchen elements vertically now and thereby make more usage of the kitchen space.

7. Make Use of Open Space within Cabinet

Yet another tip to maximize kitchen space is by using the open space inside the cabinet. You can go for holders or even hooks to hang the things like cutting boards, magnetic strips, etc inside the cabinet. This gives more space within the cabinet.

8. Cabinet Doors to Store

Spare not even the door of the cabinet. You can actually use up the cabinet interior door space to hang the kitchen tools, wares or even the towels for cleaning.

9. Don’t Spare the Oven too

Suppose you have an old oven which is not for daily use, then go for oven storage. You can pile up the kitchen wares within the oven, provided that you take it out during the oven usage.

10. Go for Narrow Bookcases

Bookcases provide more vertical space, which would be helpful in a small kitchen. By using this narrow shelf, more kitchen wares and tools can be stored in the limited space. Moreover, it can even be used to store the prepared food, the wares, the pots or the utensils. Also, by adding hooks to its side, you can dangle the cleaning clothes or all those stuff in it.

The Ideal Kitchen would Look Bright and Neat

Nevertheless, the arrangements that we go for in the kitchen, the final outcome of a spacious kitchen comes from a bright and neat kitchen. Of course, you can arrange it neatly. But how about the lighting?

Going for proper under cabinet lighting and adding extra lights at each end is always preferable in a kitchen. After all, the proper usage of light will make it look bigger, then maximize kitchen space. Also, you can add decorative lighting fixtures in the kitchen space, which add a ray of positive vibes and even beauty to space.

Making Room is Really Attractive yet Simple

As we discussed all these tips to maximize kitchen space, we came to know that the entire process is really attractive and simple. Making room is not a hard task, but all it needs is a little patience and creativity. With creative use of tools, hooks and even holders, any small kitchen of a house can be made spacious. Since urban housing styles reflect houses with a small kitchen, I think these ideas would really help you to make a large room within your own home kitchen.

Try out delicious cuisines within your own home kitchen, it is way too big now!

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