How To Cool Your Room Without AC This Summer?

cool a room without AC

April is here. The summer started pricking each and everyone of us, no matter what we are made up of, isn’t it? To elude from the hot summer, most of the people stay in their own home, which is neither a safe haven. These days the temperature inside the rooms are increasing to a large extent. Irrespective of all the safety measures taken by the families, to get rid of the heat from the rooms and cool a room without AC is almost impossible. But here, we are discussing the balm for this summer pain.

Methods To Cool a Room Without AC

Now, let us take a walk through a few techniques that helps to cool a room without AC. In this way, maybe you can bring your electricity bill to a standstill from the huge leap. Save money in buying an ac too, scroll down and do it all by yourself (DIY). The tips are quite easy, and you can now easily cool a room without AC. All it takes is a few minutes, reading this. Good luck!

1. Don’t Let the Heat in, Keep it Out (Blinds)

It is always better to keep home safe from the rays of heat than allowing the heat to pass in and later struggle to shoe off it. So, first we are talking about closing the blinds. Just as we know most of the heat enters through the windows, at the daylight hours.So, it is advised to keep it closed during the day hours to keep the heat from entering. This doesn’t mean you have to close it throughout, but only during peak hours.

2. Curtain it Right

During summers you can always go for a blackout curtain so as to cool a room without needing an AC. The advantage of the blackout curtain is that it filters out the hard rays and keep the room cool and tidy. Going for pastel shades in curtains are the current trend. So, you don’t have to unfollow the trend, but go for pastel shades in blackout curtains and keep your room temperature less.

3. Keep the Air Moving (Cross Ventilate)

Yet another tip to survive this summer, and to cool a room without AC is to do cross-ventilation. You can keep the ventilations facing each other. You can create the feel of a soothing breeze within your home by opening your windows at opposite ends. Thus, you can keep the air moving inside the rooms. To a great extent, this can rule out the high temperature in the room.

4. Say ‘NO’ to Incandescent Lights

If you were someone who was pondering over ways to reduce the electricity bill. Of course, this is in fact the right  time to say no to incandescent lights. These lights normally use a lot of energy and emit a lot of heat, rising the temperature of the room. Also, you can switch off unnecessary lights, so as to minimize the energy utilization, emission and the heat generation.

5. More the Flowers, More the Coolness

Creating a nature’s paradise inside the home is obviously the best way to deal with this summer heat. You can go for growing creepers or vines along the corridor edges or even the balconies. These plants can impart coolness to the room and can cool a room without AC. A potted plant inside the room can absorb much heat and cool off the room.

6. Let Cotton be Your Summer Friend

The first thing to do in summer is to throw away anything other than cotton. This can be done everywhere, in the bed sheets that we normally use in bedrooms, curtains and even on the summer wears. You can swap your bedsheet as it not only freshen up the room but also helps in keeping the room cool. Let cotton be your summer friend.

7. The Window Makeover

The closing and opening of windows play a big role in letting the heat in. One way to reduce the heat is by closing the windows during the day time and opening it during the cool night time. Thus more of cool air enters the room and stays in. Also you can open the down side of window portion on the upwind side and open top portion of window on downwind side. Thus air can flow more freely, creating a cooling nature.

8. Ices are Great for Summer

Summers always remind us of ice cubes, cool drinks and of course a shower in frozen water. Ices are great for summer. One way to cool a room without AC is by having large ice cubes in a metallic bowl and switching on a fan. The ice cubes melt and the cool mist will remain in the room, making it a little less hot indeed.

9. Controlled Electronic Device Uses

The more dependence on electronic devices, more would be the heat generated. During summers we can reduce the heat content in the room by not using so many electronic gadgets. Switching off unnecessary lights, unplugging devices when not in use, all these can reduce heat by large amount.

10. Add a Layer of White to Roof

And lastly, we have one more option to escape from the scorching heat rays. Painting the roof portion with white color can help in reflecting back the heat. Thus, the heat amount in the rooms will comparatively be very less when painted in white.

‘This SUMMER too shall pass’

The summer is too strong to leave us in peace within the homes too. But with the right techniques, it becomes less severe. All these above-mentioned tips help to cool a room without AC and make the summer less harsh. This SUMMER too shall pass, like everything else, let’s hope!