Children’s needs influence Home buying

Children’s needs influence Home buying
Children’s needs influence Home buying

Of course, we do buy homes keeping children’s needs in mind! Home buying decisions require inputs from the each member of the family and children are chirping the loudest when it comes to voicing their demands. So, their demands can never be ignored, barring the situation when money constraints silence all the voices and buying a new property  is no short of having won a castle. But, when you are all capable of gifting yourself with a dream house, paying attention to children’s needs comes natural and also proves beneficial in the long run. Explained here is how property decision-making gets affected by the requirements of the children.

Home buying is a very important decision. A person wants to pour all his desires in a piece of land and convert it into an abode that is comfortable as well as classy. Children, of all the family members, get to spend the most time at home and therefore, it is important to have a house that can meet all their requirements. This is why, children needs influence property purchase to a large extent and a number of things are kept in mind while buying a new property which deems fit for all the members of the family.

Buying a new property close to hospitals and schools

Bread earners of the family stay away from homes for the major part of the day. Women, most of the times are integral in bringing up kids. It is essential to manage your children’s growing educational and developmental needs, by focusing their energies in the right learning methods So, it is important to buy a property in an area that has lots of schools and educational institutions, where it is easy to manage a child’s educational needs with minimum hindrances. Anybody may need medical attention at any given time. Therefore, people prefer homes closer to child health care centers or hospitals. This helps attain medical help even in emergencies without getting panicked during a difficult situation.

Property decision-making also revolves around entertainment needs

As a parent, you cannot expect your child to sit in one corner of the house and play quietly. Children are powerhouse of energy and they are happy in the company of other kids of their age. Thus, vicinity to parks, creches and baby care centers is another factor that influence home buying decisions. Sometimes, homes – apartments and gated villas with children’s play area, sports – indoor and outdoor, entertainment facilities and gardens also attract buyers as they find it easy to keep children engaged within safer limits of their own premises. That is why; designing homes with additional spaces, which can be converted into play areas, are the result of the fact that children needs influence property purchase.

‘Where to go out on weekends?’ is another thought one looks for while buying a new property. Family members need to stay together and have fun moments during their free time, especially on weekends. So, homes with malls and restaurants in close vicinity make good choice for families looking for a new property to move in.

 Children’s needs influence Home buying
Children’s needs influence Home buying

Homes with adequate facilities are bought keeping children’s needs in mind

Water and electricity are the two most basic requirements of a comfortable living. It can prove to be quite stressful if the water supply is limited or there are long power cuts in the area where the property is located. Thus, people do not mind investing more in homes that come with 24-hr water and electricity supply. Safety of the premises is another factor that is crucial for property decision-making. Whether one should buy an independent house or an apartment in a society? This question is also discussed normally while pinning down any property for living. Social life needs, need to be taken care of, as it helps enjoying a life full of friends and well-wishers. Such needs are best met in apartments where a society is managing the homeowners’ needs.

Connectivity is also a feature influenced by family and children’s  needs

Living with family does not mean that one should spend a bomb on transportation. A number of chores can easily be distributed among family members if the things of need are just a stone’s throw away from the house. Thus, if you want to make children and family members more self-dependent, you tend to choose property that is well connected with shopping malls, railway station, bus terminal etc. Good connectivity helps save a lot of time, money and energy on transportation and makes life easier for the family members.

Parents are not afraid of sending their growing children for buying things of their need if the house is close to shops. This helps adults of the family to have more free time and they are not all stuck with the role of a provider to the children. Thus, children need to learn to be independent, which is another factor that is worth considering while buying a new property.

But, are all these factors making your dream property costly?

Builders try to charge more by highlighting family friendly features they have incorporated in their property. However, the difference in price should not be monumental. The main reason behind the hefty pricing is the value of land that increases due to the presence of facilities. It is a well-known fact that prime locations of the city have costlier properties than ones that are closer to or on outskirts of the city. So, it is advisable to make a list of features that you can do away with while making decisions regarding property; doing this can help zero in on a property which is more affordable and is within budget.


Location of the house, its size, important facilities, luxurious features etc are the symbols of quality living. Houses are required not only for shelter but also for ensuring comfort. As a decision maker, the first priority is to ensure that kids do not face any hardships. Homes that make managing kids easier are considered ideal options for living. So, children’s needs and their fulfillment is an important trump card that builders put forth to attract buyers. They may charge a premium for child-oriented needs, yet care is taken to ensure that the difference in price is not much as well as reasonable that doesn’t discourage the buyer completely.