List of Chennai property approvals required

List of Chennai property approvals required
List of Chennai property approvals required

Thinking of buying a property in Chennai? Then, it is wise to know about the Chennai property approvals. Knowing about Chennai’s property rules can help you pick those builders who have followed the stipulated guidelines correctly. Also, a few years ago, Chennai building collapse created ripples of worry among the property buyers in this city. When such things happen, it is the buyer that ultimately pays the price for the lapse in rules and suffers loss of money as well as peace of mind. So, why risk your money? Read on and be aware of the property approvals that you need to know while investing in real estate in Chennai.

To create more awareness, HousingMan has done the research on Chennai property approvals and has prepared a list that you can ask your builder before signing the sales agreement.

  1. Project proposal approval: Every builder needs to get approval on the building project that he proposes to develop. The project proposal must contain information regarding the following:
    a.Location: The zonal clearance is essential to prove that location chosen for project is in consonance with the set Local Body Acts.
    b.Layout: The layout should be approved as per the standards approved  by FAR (Floor Area Ratio) or FSI (Floor Space Index). These values determine the safe number of floors the multi-storeyed building can have. It is worth noticing that land divided into plots without permission is deemed illegal.
    c.Building plan: The building plan is a graphical representation of the final appearance. The municipal authority should give the approval if all these points meet the property rules and are in consonance with the safety needs of the inhabitants and future development plans of the city. Apart from this, building site and the service plan approvals should also be received. Also, once the building plan is approved, property construction should start within two years of receiving it.

HousingMan property experts can also give you Chennai property listings that are built on an approved building plan, as per government laws and regulations.

  1. Commencement certificate and intimation of disapproval: This is the permission that builders should get before starting the construction. The builder cannot build boundaries or lay foundation if the commencement certificate is not in place. Similarly, intimation of disapproval, also known as building permit, states the conditions that hold value during different stages of Chennai property construction. The conditions revolve around situations that can be divided into three phases:
    a.Before the start of construction
    b.During the construction
    c.On completion of construction
  2. Excavation permission: When a land is put up for construction of a building, it needs to be excavated for laying foundation. Excavation permission is to be in place before the start of construction. There are certain lands such as those close to sea shore, or those meant for agriculture that should not be excavated. Carrying out building process in such lands is unsafe for the building and also depletes the healthy layer of the soil.
  3. Coastal regulatory authority: If the building is proposed to be made in coastal areas of Chennai, then builder should get a clean chit from the Coastal Zone Management Authority office.
  4. NOC certificate from civic departments: Sewage, tree authority, water and drainage, hydraulic, fire clearance, archeological survey, environmental and traffic & coordination clearances are some of the civic departments that need to accord approvals for the building project. All these departments work to ensure that the environmental health of the city is well-maintained and that no building should pose any threat to it. A badly placed building can be a big menace to traffic conditions of the city and may prove to be a challenge for city authorities in their quest to keep the city clean and green. Buying a property in Chennai, which is not approved from civic departments, may put you in a legal hassle later.

    List of Chennai property approvals required
    List of Chennai property approvals required
  5. Clearance certificate: Once all the NOCs are attained, the builders need to get clearance certificate before issuing the possession letters. Clearance certificates are given to the builders after doing certain checks, such as, ascertaining that the numbers of floors are as per approved plan, buildings meet safety requirements, and that those have features as per the promise made to the buyers in marketing catalog, etc.
  6. Lift installation and operation approvals: Builders who need to have lift in their buildings need to have approval from public works department for installation. The lift installation job should be done by the approved experts only. Before the lift is put to function, there should be separate license in place for its operations too.
  7. Permission for water connection: The developer should get the approval from the central ground water authority if any borewell is to be dug in the ground of the premises.

All the above permissions are related to construction. Before all of this, there has to be clarity on the title of the land. The clear title of the land is established by the information about the chain of holdings, transfers of titles, etc. The builder must be able to produce clear title document of ownership when demanded to its buyers. The title document produced can be verified with the Encumbrance Certificate issued by local sub-registrar.

To conclude,

Buying a property in Chennai within legal framework is essential to ensure security of investment. A builder working in an organized manner and not defaulting on any approval is worth investing your money and trust upon. Chennai property construction, like in all other states, needs to be done keeping the safety and environment-friendliness in mind. And so, having all approvals in place means that the home, which you choose to live in Chennai, has all the features that you look for, most important amongst those being safety and quality.

As a layman, it may be difficult for you to procure all necessary documents and get them verified. HousingMan makes the process easier for you. Property experts here list only those properties that are clear on all grounds. So, if you plan buying a property in Chennai, take a look on HousingMan property listings where quality homes await you. With professional sales experts to help you at every stage of property, your home is just a step away.