Construction quality check – A must before any property investment

Construction quality check - A Must before any property investment
Construction quality check - A Must before any property investment

Buying a property is one of the costliest and one of the most important investments a person makes during his lifetime. So, its quality is of utmost importance. A property that is built well while employing the best quality construction material and thorough planning and research, is likely to withstand all the wear and tear for a longer time then usual. Thus, if you want to buy a property that does not age in an ugly way, one must pay attention to the construction quality. Very recently, RERA was introduced by the Indian Government in order to safeguard the interests of the buyers and investors. For boosting the buyer’s sentiments and protecting their investment, the authorities have given guidelines to the builders to pay attention to the importance of construction quality under RERA too.

What is quality control in construction

The quality control in construction means that the builders deliver their clients the projects as per their expectations and within stipulated timelines as promised and under RERA guidelines. It also means that the best quality material is employed in construction. The quality control is also observed in the style of building, in picking structures and shapes of the buildings that help them sturdy enough to withstand natural calamities in addition to looking the best in appearance. Quality control also means that the construction is done exactly as per the engineering drawings and designs, and is in strict accordance with the state laws and regulations. The quality of construction should also match the company’s reputation. Thus, while exercising quality control in construction, the project managers ensure that checks on all these aspects are done and that all the promises as made in brochures and drawings are fulfilled.

Importance of quality control in construction and how to ensure it

Quality control in construction is largely a process involving paperwork. Many of the builders keep a documented account of every aspect of construction. For example, they maintain record of the brands of manufacturing materials used, types of connections of electricity and plumbing connections, quality of door and window panels, material of countertop quality, the quality and types of tiles etc. Construction quality is automatically ensured if all the characteristics of building are made to meet the client’s expectations. The most important question is ‘Will I pay for this construction quality and whether it is at par with the price tag it carries?’ – If the answer to this question is ‘yes’, then the property is certainly worth buying.

Construction quality check - A must before any property investment
Construction quality check – A must before any property investment

Measure construction quality to get added assurance

Simply doing the paperwork cannot guarantee meeting of quality standards. Thankfully, there are procedures made available to measure construction quality. When you are all set to buy a property, you must make checks and get the quality of construction measured in advance in order to safeguard your investment. Here is how the construction quality can be measured.

  • Checking the soil

It is your right to ask the builder the report of the soil test, before you agree to buy the property. As a rule of thumb, the clay-rich soil and black cotton soil are not the ideal land types for constructing the property upon. These soil types tend to swell, or shrink with the changing environmental conditions, thus, giving way to a number of construction problems in the future.

  • Checking the concrete mix

Ready-made concrete mix is used as a common practice in order to avoid the quality issues. Not every building worker can master the magic formula of right concrete mix, thus, it is good if the builder has made use of ready-made concrete. However, you can look for the brand that has been used by the builder.

  • Assess the structure design

Unless you are an architect by profession, you may not understand the structural technicalities. So, if there is any structure pictures provided to you, then you must get them checked by an experienced building expert or architect for ensuring its ability to withstand natural hazards like earthquakes, etc.

  • Check the safety features and elevator function

Where the fire exits are located, what is an emergency evacuation plan, how are stairways designed and how broad these are, and how resistant the building is to earthquakes, are some of the features that define the safety level of the construction. In addition to it, the elevators, if present, should be checked for capacity, speed and maintenance requirements etc. Ideally, the high rise buildings should have the elevators with adequate capacity to transport more people in single trip.

  • Plaster and wall thickness check

Walls are the supporting structures on which the strong buildings are erected. So, if these walls are amply thick, the building will surely be sturdy and sufficiently strong. Construction quality is said to be good if the pressing of the key against wall does not produce a hole or there is no shallow sound heard on knuckling it. Also, plaster check is done by taking a look at the cracks in the wall. A building with strong foundation would be free of cracks.

Construction quality check - A must before any property investment
Construction quality check – A must before any property investment

To make things simpler for buyers, there is a code of conduct entailed by The Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI). A large number of builders across hundreds of cities have got themselves certified with CREDAI.  To buy a property, the investor can check for CREDAI accreditation before signing on the dotted lines.

Also, RERA comes to the rescue of the buyers who fall prey to poor construction quality. The importance of constructional robustness takes the top most pedestal under RERA, and the RERA compliant projects will have to issue a 5-year warranty for the building quality. According to Economic Times, RERA lays down that, “In case any structural defect or any other defect in workmanship, quality or provision of services or any other obligations of the promoter as per the agreement for sale relating to such development is brought to the notice of the promoter within a period of five years by the allottee from the date of handing over possession, it shall be the duty of the promoter to rectify such defects without further charge, within thirty days, and in the event of promoter’s failure to rectify such defects within such time, the aggrieved allottees shall be entitled to receive appropriate compensation in the manner as provided under this Act.”
(Source: Economic Times)

Thus, a little bit of awareness about the quality in construction is essential to ensure larger returns from the investment over the years. So, pay special attention to the construction quality and do not compromise on any aspect.
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