How Home Staging is Indeed a Big Element in the Real Estate!

home staging

‘I have always wanted a home like that’ – we are quite accustomed to hearing this statement one or the other time while browsing through some housing websites. What might be the reason that enticed our hearts to say it aloud? Have you ever thought of this? Do you know about Home Staging? Let’s have a deep look at this.

The rising demand for homes have recently been aided by more marketing methodologies, both offline and online in the real estate market. Home staging is one such essential part of this. It involves using many modern methodologies to make home appear the most wonderful. Most of the real estate companies these days are employing home staging such that the houses for sale would look impressive at the very first sight itself.

The Term Home Staging

Home Staging is the process of making a home attractive to the potential buyers so that they will get impressed the way the home is being arranged. Or let’s say the whole idea of Home Staging rest upon the fact that, the first few minutes of a property view counts much. That is to say, the potential buyers will make a decision about the property within the first few minutes of arrival at it. So, it involves a little rearranging of your home, may be replacing the furnishings or removing personal belongings and the clutter.

Home staging might even involve adding few pieces of art that creates a welcoming feel, may be a carpet or a couch that accentuates the visitor’s attention, transforming them into potential buyers. Thus,home staging, in other words is the creation of an artistic illusion to increase the value of property purchase.

How to do Home Staging for Increasing Potential Buyers

Often the process of selling a home is a tiresome task. To find out the suitable buyer is again yet another tough task. But the toughest of these is how to entice the heart of the buyer. Home Staging helps in this.

Now, check out few easy steps in Home Staging

1. Order the Disorder

Getting rid of all the clutter is in fact the first and foremost step in the home staging process. To be more precise, removing all the tiny personal belongings from the house is very essential. The nature of the buyers is to investigate in detail. So, it is always better to remove all the spare belongings which are not much needed and clear spaces. Of course, the buyers definitely would be more attracted to a spacious, and large rooms, even if it is illusionary.

2. Deep Cleaning is a Must Factor

Once the home is cleared off the clutters, a deep cleaning is required and is must. In order to attract the potential buyers to the property, dusting off the rooms, especially the kitchen and toilet is needed. More than this, home staging often involves well-lit and brighter rooms. Most of the home buyers prefer open windows rather than closed rooms. Also, they prefer rooms which has natural air, rather than ones being scented or perfumed.

3. Do Essential Lighting

Obviously nobody would want to come to a dark and closed room. More than this, brighter rooms give the outlook of a big size for rooms. This might be the reason why so many homebuyers look for houses having well-lit rooms. Equally important are the correction of the light fixtures and the lampshades. Also, it is always better to pull apart the curtains
before the potential buyer comes in, so that more light would fall in. So, lighting essential lighting is a crucial factor in home staging too.

4. Replace / Reorder Furnitures

Next thing is furniture. There is always a possibility to have an endless number of furniture within a home. Of which a few might be usable, few idle and so on. But the right thing to do in a home staging is to remove half the furniture from the house. This not only gives the house a big and appealing but also help in arranging the home in a more nicer way. Replacing the old, worn out furniture will also give a little more empty space in the rooms, improving the outlook of it.

5. Living Room Attracts Homebuyers

We can see that the living room carries within it an air of attraction. If the living room isn’t clean or attractive, more than 80% of buyers drop off. That is why home staging always has got its first preference in the living room. This helps in capturing the minds of the buyers.

6. External Appearances Matter Too

Even when the entire house is arranged, clean and spacious, if the exterior of the house is not properly arranged, nothing matters. The outward appearance has got a big role in the whole preview of the house in home staging. Grooming the garden, keeping a welcome mat at the doorstep can invite visitors attention. Moreover, even having some potted plants outside the house is indeed a powerful tool in captivating their hearts. Definitely, you ought to power-wash the house, to keep it fresh. Also, you have to paint it new so that it looks quite attractive for anyone who passes by.

Attracting Potential Buyers in Real Estate

In every way home staging is a big element in the process of increasing potential buyers of a project in real estate market. The way a house appears indeed makes the first impression that further leads to the idea of buying it. As we take a look upon the previous years real estate growth, we can see that home staging has indeed been a powerful tool. It has increased the buy as well as the value of properties over time. Thus, arranging the home properly is the right factors in increasing the value in real estate market.

When it comes to the age of virtual realities in the real estate industry too, Virtual Staging, a new term to the industry is equally important. Let’s have a detailed view about this in the upcoming write-ups.