Location: Check it off your list first when buying.


Location, Location, Location, every real-estate agent advocates and vouches for this phrase.

It was first spotted in an ad in 1926, indicating that it was already a familiar saying in Chicago. Clearly, location has been one of the most important aspects of buying a home for over 10,000 and more years now since our ancestors also chose locations based on amenities. It was living close to a water source then and now it’s living closer to all of our material constructs.

Especially in today’s day and age, it is more relevant than ever before—the location you choose will majorly impact your lifestyle and the property’s value in the market. You can always rework your house to make it look the way you want it, but the location? THAT is permanent.

Here are a few things that you must consider when deciding on a location:

– Neighbourhood: Getting along with your neighbors is very important, which is why it is imperative to choose a neighborhood that fits your personality. Every neighborhood is different. Choose one that is apt for your lifestyle. Also, security is paramount, so ensure that the one you choose has zero crime rates.

– Accessibility: Convenient access to the commercial district, healthcare facilities are important points to consider. The closer to the city center, the more valuable your property, whether you decide to stay long term or are considering selling at any point. Then there is your job; the time you take to get to work impacts your disposable income, your quality of life and the time you spend with your loved ones. While not a major reason, sometimes it is good to stay in an area that is fairly close to friends and family.

– Good Schools: For a family with children, this is a major consideration. The closer you are to the school district, the better. You will not only save a lot of money, but also provide a more convenient lifestyle for the children. Also, Reputed schools in your area, lead to a better property resale value.

– Access to public transport: The further you live away from public transport facilities like buses, subways, trains, etc. the lesser the property value. Also, in today’s cities, thanks to the explosive growth of the suburbs, traffic has become unbearable in many areas, making commuting a nightmare. Proximity to public transport is valuable in more ways than one—you can get to work quicker, running errands gets simpler, in case you have friends or family over and they want to explore your city, it would be super convenient for them to get around even without you constantly tagging along.

– Ambience: This might not be paramount, but it is wonderful to come to a home that has an amazing view, whether it is a water body or a panoramic view of the city. Besides, you can maximize on investment if you decide to sell your home. Always remember that while considering the location, your immediate needs and conveniences are important. But you must also consider the possibility of re-selling in the future and thus factor in details that ensure good property value.

So now you home buyers know what to look out for when searching the right location for your dream home.

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