How Online Marketing Tools and Tech Stack Help Real Estate Companies?

tech stack and online marketing tools

In this 21st century, there are so many online marketing tools and marketing software available for real estate companies. In fact, an online presence is a must for survival. The right mix of online marketing tools and tech stack can improve the performance of real estate websites too. But the important factor is the real estate marketing strategy. It is not just about some random online marketing tools, but those tools and software which are target specific and true outcome bound.

Apart from choosing the right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM), there is more to tech stacks. So, here we are going to discuss how online marketing tools and tech stacks can aid the real estate companies. You can also check our previous blog on the effect of AI technology on real estate.

Introduction to Tech Stacks

What exactly are these tech stacks?

In very simple words, a tech stack is a single solution to all the technical requirements of real estate companies. Real estate companies need much different marketing software which helps to build up the business. Checking whether each of this software is working properly is necessary for the expansion of a real estate business. Tech stacks usually bring in the right combination of software and test each of it separately. Moreover, it ensures that it integrates perfectly.

Tech Stack to boost the real estate business

Now let us closely investigate the benefits of the right sales and marketing tech stack.

1. Great focus on the project

Having a proper tech stack brings back the focus on the main project. A well-integrated tech stack will aid the real estate companies to showcase the business more precisely. Thus, it enables them to visually present the project details to a larger audience.

2. Optimizing the contents

This is yet another advantage of tech stack. By getting a clear cut idea on the performance of the content and getting the behavioral data, properly optimized content can nurture and generate more business.

3. Measures Return-on-investment

This is the ultimate goal of all real estate companies and a properly built in-house tech stack helps in measuring the ROI and offer an end – to- end view of all their marketing efforts.

4. Building up the digital assets

Digital assets cover up 80 % of most real estate companies and tech stack helps in using it the best way. The proper organizing and tagging of these digital assets ensure that the performance of real estate companies is increased.

All about online marketing tools

We have already discussed how important tech stacks are to the real estate companies. But will tech stack alone do the wonders?

Of course, the answer is no. Online marketing tools play a big role in the growth of real estate companies too. Let us say marketing campaigns and the branding helps in the success of real estate websites too.

Must have online marketing tools

As we have previously discussed, an online presence is a must and online marketing tools are essential. Thus, let us take a walk through the right online marketing tools for the development of real estate companies.

1. Functional professional website

A unique and functional professional website is a realtor’s way to the first impression among the investors. A proper website will not only build trust but helps the investors to check for the deals, and gather the right information. With easy navigation, proper and optimized content, a professional website plays a major role among the online marketing tools. Also, it improves the business in many ways. There are many software tools available in the market to develop a functional website .Wix, Squarespace, Weebly are all examples of the same.

2. Software for email marketing

Email marketing is a direct way to reach billions of targeted audience. These audience has already given their mail ids to the real estate companies. Thus, using a software-based email marketing strategy can be a real, real estate booster. The advantage of email marketing is that the investors can try converting the leads into sales from the sent emails. There is so many email marketing software available in the market, which can really be efficient online marketing tools. And, Constant Contact, Aweber, etc can be used as email marketing tools.

3. Forget not, the social media apps

This is, in fact, the age of social media as we all might be knowing and experiencing. But the thing we cannot forget is that, if used efficiently these social media apps can boost business for real estate companies. Creating brand awareness is the first and foremost role-paly of these social media apps. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter help in spreading brand identity and awareness. With images and content, these social media apps really boost real estate companies’ growth phase.

4. Text message marketing campaign

Text messages are not just cost-effective, but also provide efficient networking and reach. Almost 100% of the text messages will get open and has 98% of it has got read rate. Thus, it can be considered as an efficient online marketing tool for the realtors. Thus, it is way too easier to build a business with text message marketing campaigns. Tools like SlickText and Trumpia can be used as effective text message software tools.

5. DocuSign

Documentation is really a tiresome task in the home-buying process. To ease this up, the real estate companies have come up with the usage of DocuSign. This will help in digitalizing the documents involved in the buying process, thus making documentation much more efficient and easier.

6. Lead generation tools

Lead is the ultimate goal for real estate companies. How big or large the lead is, that is how big the business is. Although the success lies in converting the leads to buys, the process of managing these leads is really a tough task. The lead generation tools employed by real estate companies definitely helps in increasing the business and is, in fact, one among the best online marketing tools. Tools like OptinMonster can, in fact, integrate with all marketing platforms to help analyze the leads.

Tech stack, online marketing tools, and real estate companies

The outcome must be really good. This is true for all real estate companies. Real estate companies are using the tech stack or by employing online marketing tools to build a business. When integrated in the wrong way, these can create havoc. But with the right integration of tech stacks and online marketing tools, the outcome is sure.