Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home

Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home
Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home

Feng Shui is a Chinese science. It is widely used to orient buildings together, by using principles of harmony to create a Feng Shui home. It claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment. Moving into a new house can be a truly exciting time, with happy new beginnings. Simple Feng Shui tips can help you attract fresh new attractive energy, when you move to a new home, you also have to be sure to start with a clean, clear energy foundation.
Getting started with Feng Shui for your house is easy and can be done without much of a hassle.

Here are simple tips for bringing positivity into your home with Feng Shui design principles.

1. Clear all your clutter – One of the most fundamental principles of Feng Shui and tips to Feng Shui your home is to create a harmonious energy within the house through decluttering. Clear all the unwanted stuff, keep the things back in place and create clear spaces. Scan your surroundings and make a list of things you do not use and throw it away. It is also advisable to reorganise your cupboards, shelves, drawers and wardrobes every 3-6 months. This will not only help in clearing and bringing in a fresh new positive energy or good chi, but will also help in reorganising your house. Good Chi brings in good health, wealth and luck.

2. Get squeaks fixed – When doors squeak or make noise, it leads to negativity and impairs everyday productivity, leading to negative moods. The entry/main door is an absolutely essential part of the house. Any squeaky noises like the door crying, when opening or closing the door will lead to negativity. Make sure to get the repairs and fixes done on all the doors. Oil the hinges if required. Notice these sounds and act on fixing them quickly.

3. A good and meaningfully planned kitchen – The kitchen is the soul of the house. Keep it clean, organized and maintained at all times. This attracts positive energy, creating a positive environment in the entire house. The kitchen represents nourishment as well as relationship and harmony amongst inhabitants. The cooker or cooking area should never be placed opposite the sink or the kitchen door, as it represents 2 opposite energies or fire and water/air. This can lead to arguments between couples, or general arguments within family members of the house. Also, colours like black and red should be avoided in the kitchen, it can lead to mishaps and negativity. Place plants/herbs in kitchen areas, and empty spaces, place colourful items or fruit baskets. The best place for plants to be placed in the kitchen are, in the dining area – to draw abundance, in family room – to promote life, connectivity between family members and health, in between hot and cold appliances to create balance.

4. Feng Shui bedroom rules – Make sure you use light, natural and neutral colours to furnish and decorate your bedroom. To encourage restful and blissful sleep, the beds must have a headboard and positioned against a solid wall. One of the Simple Feng Shui tips is to avoid placing the bed in line with the bedroom door. If you have a tv placed in your bedroom, make sure to cover it with a fabric or some other way, to avoid the disruptive active energy and electronic aspect of the television.

5. Soulful meaningful home décor – Every item or artefact should hold a special significance and meaning to you when you place them in different areas of your house is one of the key Feng Shui decorating rules. The more connection with every item you own, the better your own energy levels. When you are surrounded with supportive energy of items you love, it creates a supportive energy for you and your family within the house.

Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home
Simple Feng Shui tips for your new home

6. Get in maximum air and light ventilation – Most shoddy and un kept places miss essential light and air. One of the Simple Feng Shui tips is to ensure constant good flow of energy, throughout the home, there should be constant natural ventilation. Keep the windows open, maximize light movement by keeping all glass mirrors and windows clean. Add lights, lamps or mirrors in dark spots to spread energy and light. Bring the outdoors in, introduce a lot of plants.

7. Bathroom Feng Shui – One of the key aspects of Feng Shui, which signifies drainage of Feng Shui wealth is the bathroom, due to constant water drainage. Introduce some plants here, as plants soak water, which slows the flow of wealth draining away.
Keep the bathroom door always closed. Keep the toilet lid down.

8. Garden Feng Shui – The gardens represent prosperity, add red plants to attract happiness. Front garden represents your future, always keep it orgainzed, tidy and tend to your flowers and plants. The back garden represents health and wealth for the occupants, always keep it in good condition. The boundaries and walls should be well kept; they ensure support to the family and occupants.

9. Place family photos wisely – Family pictures to be placed in hall, dining or living room. Don’t display family pictures in the bedroom, which is essentially a place for rest, intimacy and peace. Family pictures in bedroom remind you of your obligations, pictures of children, relatives and friends should be placed in areas common to all. Reserve the bedroom for pictures with your spouse.

10. Lights play an important role – Bright lights bring in energy. Bright lights placed in hallways represent clean and clear veins and arteries. Feel lit up internally and get the positive vibrations, with right lighting and wattage at right places.

Feel the positivity and harmonious living with good energy and vibrations by applying these simple Feng Shui tips for your home. Homes are a reflection of the occupants. Feng Shui believes in managing and designing your house as per certain vital design principles which will balance the aura of the family members with the space they inhabit in.